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Growers Cup Kaffebrygger

Kaffebryggeren kan best beskrives som en engangs presskanne, den er fylt med nymalt, fersk kvalitetskaffe.

17.03.201613:09 Liss Jakobsen


The idea with the Coffeebrewer is to offer coffee-lovers the FREEDOM to enjoy a gourmet coffee experience regardless of place and situation. The Coffeebrewer is an amazing and tasty treat that can be enjoyed at home, when travelling, at work, at university, on holidays, when you are outdoor etc.

All it takes is a bit of hot water. No machines, no cleaning, no hazzle, no nonsense!


A busy lifestyle often involves a compromise when it comes to the quality of what you eat and drink. For coffee-lovers it can be problematic to get a gourmet QUALITY during the course of a busy day. The CONVENIENT compromise is often instant coffee or almost un-drinkable machine coffee.


Our solution is innovative and quite extraordinary.

We offer the quality and the rich taste known from pour-over filter and french press coffee, but with the convenience of instant coffee.


All our coffees are single estate specialty coffees, which places them into the category of super premium gourmet coffees. Our coffees are coming from a coffee farm or coop that we disclose on the backside label and homepage. Basically, we work with provenance in the same way as its known from a bottle of wine.

We like the idea that YOU know where your coffee is from. This pretty much explains our brand name, Grower's Cup.


Since we purchase some of the finest single estate coffee beans in the world, we treat each coffee with a lot of care and respect. The roasting is about interpreting the original character of the coffee and its origin and translating into a unique, interesting and pleasant taste. We like to think that each coffee has its own "DNA" which we present to you thru' our roast.